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Band Members:

Matt Litton -- guitars, vocals
Aaron Mullaney -- lead guitar
Andy Mercil -- bass
Mike Townsend -- drums


01. Tonight We Ride
02. Disembodied Voices
03. Spiritual Inferno
04. Insurrection
05. Born Into The Grave

This is a band that formed in North Dakota and moved to Portland, OR. They've gone through some line-up and changes and have returned with Tonight We Ride. This CD definitely kept my attention and is perhaps a good introduction to this band for me. The first track has a drum intro which is how some of my favorite songs start and then the guitars take over. One of the songs is like a mixture of death metal and metalcore. One song is reminiscent of southern rock. One song has a thrash sound to it. That's what I call a really good variety of music. I think this is a band people need to take notice of.