Band Website:
Ride The Boogie


Band Members:

Glenn P. Wolfe --
Adam Tymn --
Kevin Burwick --
Billy Pena --


01. Hop Along Chastity
02. Big Ass Bass
03. Naughty Corner
04. All Night
05. Flat Out First Gear
06. Miss Perfect
07. Mustaches Riders
08. Mexico
09. D Is For Chet
10. Catch Phrase
11. Skipped Through A Towne

I love this CD! From the minute you push play this, disc makes you boogie. Their band name is definitely apt. You will find yourself doing the boogie to all these rocking tracks. Their music has a Beatlesque Rolling Stones vibe to it. The music is fun to listen to and you can't help but get into ti. It's well written and definitely well orchestrated with harmonious vocals and a lot of great melodies. Here is a band that you can't attach a label to or stick in a particular genre. The music is light hearted and fun and makes your backside want to boogie. Definitely highly recommended to people who want fun music that will make them dance wherever they are. The music is just infectious.