Band Website:

Band Members:

Matt Moseman -- vocals
Micah Creel -- guitars, backing vocals
Justin Middleton -- guitars
Jeremy Rees -- drums
Ricky Wolking -- bass


01. Get It Right
02. Caught In The Moment
03. I Can't Breathe
04. Rock Is Dead
05. S.O.S.
06. Apples & Oranges
07. Engage
08. U
09. S.O.S.
10. Digging For Sounds

This is another local Dallas band who is mega talented. They put on rocking shows and this release is indicative of their great talent. Their previous record label told them they had to change their sound and they decided that they liked it just as it was. I'm sure their many fans agree. I really enjoyed the CD and noticed that they put a lot of work into the production of the CD. The songs are very melodic and catchy and the vocals are very passionate. I think Wind-Up Records were pretty stupid to lose these guys. They had a song on the Punisher soundtrack and I think some songs on here would work on soundtracks. All in all a great sophomore effort.