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Band Members:

Wensday -- vocals
Dick Wagner -- acoustic guitar
Bobby Flores -- guitar, violin, viola
Randy Reinhard -- steel guitar
Jim Kalson -- bass
Fred Mandel -- piano, organ, synthesizer
Raul Yanez -- synthesizer
Andy Margolis -- piano
Peter Zale -- keyboards Alex Cyrell -- drums, congas
Dan Tomlinson -- percussion
Jesse McGuire -- trumpet
Gabe Kovach -- french horn
Dominic Amato -- saxophone
Nils Logren -- accordion


01. Arizona Man
02. After You
03. The Rise And Fall Of Love
04. Heartbreak Saloon
05. Only Women Bleed
06. Decorations
07. Seventh Level
08. Bulldog Blues
09. Skye
10. Predatory Gentlemen
11. My Fantasy Life
12. The End Of The Highway
13. Pirate Love

This is an incredible CD. The woman's voice is amazing. I loved the CD from beginning to end. Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears are no competition for this lady. She definitely put her heart and soul into this. She blends jazz and rock and roll and a bit of country and blues as well. I think she brings something new and fresh and exciting to the table and even Alice Cooper is thrilled by her. She does a kickass version of "Only Women Bleed". Check out the disc.