Band Website:
Hoodoo Gurus


Band Members:

Dave Faulkner -- vocals, guitar, keyboards
Brad Shepherd -- lead guitar, vocals, harmonica, percussion
Clyde Bramley -- bass, vocals
James Baker -- drums


01. (Let's All) Turn On
02. I Want You Back
03. Arthur
04. Death Ship
05. Dig It Up
06. My Girl
07. Zanzibar
08. Leilani
09. Tojo
10. In The Echo Chamber
11. I Was A Kamikaze Pilot
12. Leilani Pt 2
13. Be My Guru
14. Hoodoo You Love (Live)

The Hoodoo Gurus hail from the fine island of Australia home of koala bears and kangaroos. This particular record was their first release and now it is re-released with some bonus tracks. Their music is quite infectious with driving rhythms and you can tell these guys are quite influenced by '60s and '70s guitar driven rock and roll with osme punk influences thrown in. The albums is a must listen and each track has a different groove. I really liked "Zanzibar" because it has that touch of Middle Eastern sound to it. All the tracks are excellent and melodic and have flair to them.