Band Website:
Candlelight Records


Band Members:

Tony Younce -- guitars
Destin Armstrong -- vocals
Drey Armstrong -- guitars
Ryan Gardner -- drums
Craig Binaut -- bass


01. Crucify Kill Rot
02. God's Hideous Creation
03. Sledge Hammer Face-Lift
04. The Well
05. Intereo Diu
06. Dawning The Resurrection
07. State Of Decay
08. Under A Godless Sky
09. External Regret
10. Buried Amongst Flames

These guys hail from Cincinnati, Ohio and are a death metal band. There are a few bands that like to use odd time signatures and these guys incorporate that with extremely heavy guitars and drumming that kicks you in the solar plexus. The vocals are a mixture of your usual death metal growls intermixed with black metal shrieks that send chills up your spine. Things start off with some smooth drum work until the vocals kick in and send you flying out of your chair. I thought "Intereo Diu" was pretty cool because it has a different approach to it. It's got very melodic guitar work and spoken words. There was also a very cool guitar melody in "State Of Decay" as well that caught my attention. If you get into The Acacia Strain and The Red Chord then I think you'll dig these guys a lot. The songs that really got my attention were "Intereo Diu", "Under A Godless Sky", and "Dawning The Resurrection". I think the guitar work really stands out on this CD.