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Tommy Bolin


01. Teaser
02. Fandango
03. Wild Dogs
04. Cookoo
05. Savannah Woman
06. Marching Powder
07. Flyin' Fingers
08. Dreamer
09. Just Don't Fall Down
10. Blowin' Your Cookies

December 4, 1976 was a very sad day when we lost an incredible guitar player to a drug and alcohol overdose. He had the opportunity to replace Ritchie Blackmore in Deep Purple. What I received in the mail was material just blew me away. The songs on here are alternative versions of familiar songs and songs that were never released before. This is a CD that is going to stay in your CD player for a long, long time. The guy was flat out amazing and one often wonders where he would be today. He was a guitar god amongst guitar gods like Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page.