Band Website:
Shadow Demon


Band Members:

Jay Davidson -- drums
Ryan Gallagher -- lead guitars
Blaine Hammond -- vocals
Jeff Helm -- rhythm guitars, growls
James Rinker -- bass


01. A Dream Of Dreams
02. Drums Of War
03. The Dark Citadel: The Shifter
04. ...And The Meek
05. Brave Murder Day
06. Waking Among The Dead
07. Umbris Mortis
08. Sea Of Oblivion
09. Red

This was a very interesting listen. It sounds like thrash with power metal vocals. Some songs are kind of sludgy. There's a lot of focus on songwriting and some really cool guitar solos to boot. It's a really unique sound which is kind of hard to come by in this day and age. The songs are pretty varied. I think if you're looking for something off the beaten path check this out.