Band Website:
Cosmic Ballroom


Band Members:

Johnny Fjalar -- guitars, vocals
Nilz Grim -- bass, vocals
Ziggy -- guitar, vocals
PoundRikk -- drums


01. I Can't Keep My Hands Away
02. Never Go Blind
03. Stoned, Broke And Ready To Rumble
04. Kix
05. L.A. Heroes
06. It's Gonna Dig Into Me
07. Fashion Skin
08. You Got Yours And I Got Mine
09. Gotta Go My Way
10. Tumbleweed
11. This Ain't Your Time
12. Easy Trippin'
13. Don't Let The Devil Rock Your Boat If You Don't Know How To Swim
14. Faster Than Me
15. Faster Than Me (video)

Once upon a time being an unapologetic loud sex, drugs, and rock and roll band was fucking cool as hell. Well folks those days aren't exactly gone. Enter Cosmic Ballroom! These guys fucking kick ass with a punk attitude and they know how to fucking rock and roll with the best of them. I can't wait to put these guys into rotation on my rawk show! They look great, they love to rock, and their songs are fun! Yeah baby yeah! Sweden is our rock and roll mecca!