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Band Members:

Christofer Dale -- vocals, guitar
Kevin Jackson -- drums
Markus Dale -- guitars, bass, keyboards
Adam Ross -- guitar


01. Jose Luis
02. Paths Of Greatest Resistance
03. The Dog & Pony Show
04. Demands
05. Make Me Like You
06. Every Time I Ride Alone
07. It's Over
08. No Sound
09. Thru The Moshuns
10. Pieces
11. Methods Of A Man

These guys remind me of Devo a bit. This is a record that gets you going from start to finish and doesn't let up in between. It's definitely not something you can easily label and that's what makes it sound so cool. You can't exactly accuse them of being genre specific. I love the sound effects they use. I guess they found some good use for old computer game equipment. The music is very melodic and the vocals definitely add the final touch. I love lyrics that are well written and these guys deliver on that as well. All in all this is a great CD to play in the car on a night out on the town.