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Band Members:

Adam DuLong -- vocals
Alex Vieira -- guitar
Colin Conway -- drums, guitar
Shane Frisby -- bass
Stephen Colombo -- guitar


01. Rats, Snakes And Thieves
02. Faceless Portrait
03. Indemnity
04. Marked By Monuments
05. Collapse
06. Mechanics Of Moving Backwards
07. Audience Of The Unspoken
08. Bastinado
09. Acts Of False Signals
10. Fear And Panic

This CD is absolutely amazing. Very strong lyrical content, very well structured musical passages, and very well done vocal work. I hear influences from Gothenburg to thrash to death metal all mixed in together to give you a fresh but yet old school feel. These guys are amazing musicians and you can tell that they put a lot of effort into this CD. Shane told me that if you don't like "Rats, Snakes And Thieves" then you probably won't get into this release. I think he's quite right about that. However I think everyone will definitely dig that tune and and more.