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Band Members:

Darren Travis -- vocals, guitar
Rob Moore -- guitar
Steve DiGiorgio -- bass
Jon Allen -- drums


01. Through The Eyes Of Greed
02. Valley Of Dry Bones
03. Machines
04. Slave To Misery
05. Throwing Away The Day
06. Facelift
07. Deceptive Perceptions
08. Under The Knife
09. Echoes Of Forever
10. Hands Of Fate (bonus)
11. Number One (bonus)

This was my first opportunity to listen to this band and they have to be one of the most amazing thrahs bands I've heard so far. I must say there's a lot of energy on this CD. There's a lot of speed and intense vocal work. There's a bit of a death metal feel to this release as well. Very technical, intricate playing with progressive compositions and very thought provoking lyrical writing. There's a variety of tempos and the record flows really well. The only thing wrong with the reissue is that the packaging of Swallowed In Black has the tracks for A Vision Of Misery and the packaging of A Vision Of Misery has the tracks for ASwallowed in Black. I don't know if that's been fixed. All in all a great record.