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Band Members:

Darren Travis -- vocals, guitar
Rob Moore -- guitar
Steve DiGiorgio -- bass
Jon Allen -- drums


01. Certain Death
02. Undead
03. Sadus Attack
04. Torture
05. And Then You Die
06. Hands Of Fate
07. Twisted Face
08. Fight Or Die
09. Illusions
10. Chemical Exposure
11. Desolator (bonus)
12. Torture (bonus)

Someone told me that when this was issued on vinyl it was called Illusions. It was later reissued by Roadrunner Records under Chemical Exposure. I'm not quite sure why they felt it was necessary to rename the record but there you have it. This was in fact Sadus' debut release. It's definitely a very aggressive and brutal record that starts out charging and ends charging. It definitely has no mercy for the listener. It's one of those records where when it ends you're kind of like "huh?" Then you have to listen to it again. It's quite apparent that these guys just flat knew how to write strong songs and had the musical abilities to back those songs up. Definitely a must have for your thrash collection.