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Band Members:

Darren Travis -- vocals, guitar
Rob Moore -- guitar
Steve DiGiorgio -- bass
Jon Allen -- drums


01. Black
02. Man Infestation
03. Last Abide
04. The Wake
05. In Your Face
06. Good Rid'nz
07. False Incarnation
08. Images
09. Powers Of Hate
10. Arise
11. Oracle Of Obmission
12. Kill Team (bonus)
13. Fight Or Die (bonus)

Well what can I say? Aside from the tracking error, Swallowed In Black was over the top. Just totally insane metal. The music is definitely very intense and it brutalizes from start to finish. It's not quite as good as Chemical Exposure, but then we all have our favorites. However it's still killer material and there are so many songs on here that are notable. "Black" is a damn good one. While these guys definitely did not let down on speed they do have a variety of tempos on this release. And I have to say that the bass work on this CD really caught my attention. Steve DiGiorgio is just flat a master at his instrument. All in all great release.