Band Website:

Band Members:
Bobby Kovacs -- guitar
Midnight -- vocals, guitar


01. Incubus
02. Berber Trails
03. Little Mary Sunshine
04. Miss Katie
05. War
06. Pain
07. Sakada
08. Lost Boy
09. Cat Song

Midnight is a dude who was formerly with Crimson Glory. It's fascinating to see what these guys are doing outside of that band. I listened to Ben Jackson's latest release and was quite impressed with that. I must say this CD is definitely different. It's definitely nothing like Crimson Glory. I believe the comment in the car when I was playing this was "Man, could you imagine listening to this shit while you dropped acid?". I must say I got a kick out of the CD without dropping acid but if you're into dropping acid, this CD is highly recommended. I got a kick out of the lyrics especially. "She had a pussy cat that peed when you pet him, but she loved him anyway." How can you not enjoy the humor in that. This CD is probably not going to appeal to everyone but if you're adventurous or dropping acid, try it out.