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Band Members:

Jarek Niemiec -- vocals, bass
Adam Augustynski -- guitar
Slwaek Kawa -- guitar
Wiktor Niemiec -- drums


01. Future's Grim
02. Path Of Mistakes
03. Lynch Law
04. Eclipse
05. Illness We Preach
06. Never Conform
07. Satanic Verses
08. Serve The Death
09. In The Mists Of Time
10. Cancer Of The Earth
11. Vermin

I've these songs a few spins and they're growing on me. They're quite crunchy and heavy. The vocalist reminds me of James Hetfield. Almost sounds just like him as a matter of fact. The songs are fairly fast paced with dual guitars, pummeling drums, and great bass lines. For those who love good thrash, I can definitely recommend this band.