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Band Members:

Robert Amirian -- vocals
Sarhan -- guitar
Mirek Gil -- guitar
Darek Lisowski -- keyboards
Krzysiek Palczewski -- keyboards
Przemec Zawadzki -- bass
Wojtek Szadkowski -- drums


01. The Evening Wind
02. On The Run
03. Midnight Snow
04. No Disgrace
05. Not Afraid
06. Now
07. Fight
08. A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset
09. Children

This prog band hails from Poland. When I put the CD into the player I became totally captivated. The vocalist is fantastic. Sometimes people try to sing in ranges they can't reach but this guy stays in his range. The melodies are very lush and have almost a symphonic quality to them. The whole CD flows as one track blends into the next. What's really cool about this CD is that every time you listen to it you find new things. New nuances. The first few times it's just a pleasant melodic journey but then on the next listens you notice the tempo changes and solos and breaks. You notice how well structured the songs are and just what fantastic accomplished musicians these guys are. The songs are rather long but not monotonous in the least. All in all it's beautiful music and I definitely think people should check these guys out.