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Band Members:

Peter -- vocals, guitar
Edgars "Zirgs" -- bass, vocals
Rihards -- guitars, vocals
Ksapars -- folk instruments, vocals
Edgars "Mazais" -- drums, percussions


01. Neighed The Battlehorses (Zviegtin' Zviedza Kara Zirgi)
02. The Battle Of Saule (Kauja Pie Saules 1236)
03. The Ancient Oak (Sencu Ozoes)
04. Viestards Fight At Mezotne (Viestarda Cina Phe Mezotnes)
05. Kurshi
06. Forger Forged Up In The Sky (Kalejs Kala Debesis)
07. Why The Horns Of War Are Blown (Kam Pusat Kara Taures)
08. Battle At Garoza Forest (Kauja Garozas Sha 1287)
09. The Sacred Firecross (Svetais Ugunskrusts)

This particular black metal band hails from the country of Latvia. Their music is a blend of black metal and Latvian folk music and it's a pretty interesting mix. Apparently some of the songs have Latvian warrior songs incorporated into them. The songs are sung in Latvian but who cares? That adds to the quality of the music and makes it seem even more eerie. Apparently the record has something to do with the Battle of Saule back in 1236 so get on the Internet and do some history and educate yourselves. The songs are a really good mix of variety between fast paced grinding music and folk music. There's a mixture of growls and clean vocals and the songs have different atmospheres. The record was released in 1998 but we're getting treated to a re-release and I hope you folks take advantage of that.