Band Website:


Band Members:

Doug Scarratt -- guitar
Biff Byford -- vocals
Nibbs Carter -- bass
Nigel Glockler -- drums
Paul Quinn -- guitar


01. State Of Grace
02. Need For Speed
03. Let Me Feel Your Power
04. Red Star Falling
05. I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)
06. If I Was You
07. Going Nowhere Fast
08. Ashes To Ashes
09. Empire Rising
10. Atila The Hun

Saxon is a band that I have enjoyed listening to for years. I even had the pleasure of meeting these guys many years ago and interviewed Biff and hung out with the guys for a while. One thing about these boys is that they've stayed true to their roots. They founded the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and their music has always been very powerful and evocative. The amazing thing about these guys is their ability to keep reinventing themselves. Over the past few years they have put out some of the best metal releases since their heyday and they're still relevant. They've got the energy of younger bands and a sound that is both past and present. I grew up on rock anthems that many people might feel are cheesy today but I still enjoy them because they're about fun and passion and soul. The lyrics will make you think and the music will make you pump your fist.