Band Website:
The Majestic Twelve


Band Members:

Alex Alexander -- guitar
Anthony Cribb -- drums
Michael D'Alessandro -- bass
Joey Stewart -- guitar
Kenyata Sullivan -- vocals, guitar, synt/moog/piano, banjo, bass


01. Intro
02. Welcome To The City
03. Condoleezza, Check My Posse
04. Cry
05. Trapped Underwater
06. Granfather (Sweet Baby Jesus)
07. Whispering
08. Break It And Breathe
09. Thank God Everything On TV Is A Lie
10. American Rage
11. Are You Ready

I got this in the mail a while back and I finally got to put it in the player. I totally loved this. You can't really label this band as this, that, or the other. You also have to listen to the whole thing to totally get these guys. It's very diverse but at the same time some of the songs are tongue in cheek and some of them are comical to me in a humorous way as you get an idea of these guys's perspectives on things. The diversity of the songs don't spoil the record at all and the lyrical content is wonderful. So steal the CD online and then buy it.