Band Website:
The Scorpions


Band Members:

Klaus Meine -- vocals
Rudolf Schenker - rhythm guitar
Matthias Jab -- lead guitar
Pawel Maciwoda -- bass
James Kottak -- drums


01. Hour 1
02. The Game Of Life
03. We Were Born To Fly
04. The Future Never Dies
05. 321
06. Love Will Keep Us Alive
07. We Will Rise Again
08. Your Last Song
09. Love Is War
10. The Cross
11. Humanity

I grew up on this band. As a matter of fact I even got my own mother hooked on this band. These guys have always put out great records. It's definitely a pleasure to review this CD. This record just totally kicks ass. I think this is one of their best releases yet. There are quite a few ballads on this one and I tell you what, no one pulls that stuff off like Klaus does. But don't think for one second that these heavy metal heroes are going mellow on us. It's still a hard rocking heavy record. I was amazed to see this record was produced Desmond Child. He really pushed these guys to do their very best, that's for damn sure. There's a theme in this record that basically warns us that we're going to lose our humanity if we don't slow down and pay attention. This record does not have one bad song on it at all. They all kick your ass. Definitely their best release in a long time. Buy it if you haven't done so already!