Band Website:
Sear Bliss


Band Members:

András Nagy -- vocals, bass, keyboards
István Neubrandt -- guitar
Zoltán Pál -- trombone
Zoltán Schönberger -- drums


01. Blood On The Milky Way
02. Deathly Illusion
03. Lost And Not Found
04. Thorns Of Deception
05. The Venomous Grace
06. Omen Of Doom
07. Somewhere
08. Path To The Motherland

I listened to this record several times. This black metal band hails from Hungary and actually features a trombone player. Now that is definitely something different that this band brings to the table. It definitely makes their sound quite unique. Their music is a mixture of black, death, and doom with symphonic qualities that makes black metal what it is. Black metal has very progressive and complex musical arrangements that definitely make it stand out from other forms of metal and this band is definitely good at what they do. They add variety with some songs being dark and atmospheric, some having dissonant qualities, and others just having one hell of a fucking groove to them. The guitar work is also very diverse. You find acoustic work, you find solos, downtuned riffs, and there is also some flute and violin work as well. This is definitely a must have CD that you will find yourself listening to over and over.