Band Website:
Seasons Of The Wolf


Band Members:

Michael Poplees -- bass
Dennis "Samurai" Ristow -- keyboards
Mark Empire -- drums
Barry "Skullywolf" Waddell -- guitar
Wes Edward Waddell -- vocals


01. Wings Of Doom
02. Snaggletooth
03. Nikhedonkia
04. Ghost Woman
05. In The Shadows
06. Behind The Eyes Of Evil
07. The Reaper
08. Battle Scars
09. Alien Landscapes
10. The Edge Of Time
11. Peace On Earth
12. Name Your Poison
13. Transmission

These guys have their music featured in eight film soundtracks and are on three tribute records. I can definitely see why. They have that classic metal touch but yet retain their own sound and style. Having cut my teeth on Nocturnal Revelation, I looked with eager anticipation to listening to this release. This CD has a slightly different vibe. Apparently there were some delays in getting this recorded but they've come back again in the traditional heavy metal vein of Mercyful Fate and Metal Church. The songs sound even more diverse on this release as though they're experimenting with their sound a bit. Once again you have keyboards and guitar driven rock but they've even gone a bit further back in influences to rock out of the 70's but they still maintain that modern sound. They are described as having a horror and psycho atmosphere to their music which is a really good description and goodness knows I like that kind of shit. If you like good heavy metal with a dark vibe to it, this band is for you. Thank goodness these guys reached out to me and brought me into their world.