Band Website:
Secretary Bird


Band Members:

Mike Semple -- vocals, guitar
Kirke Jan -- drums
Einar Pedersen -- bass
Thomas Froggatt -- bass
Martin Klingman -- drums


01. Somewhere Girls
02. Imaginary You
03. Cornerstore
04. Girl On Laveta
05. Morning Horses
06. Freaks And Hessians
07. Late Night Cab Ride
08. Sick Of Your Stories
09. Affected/Unaffected
10. Tio
11. Seaward

What an enjoyable CD. Oddly enough these guys remind me a lot of a really good band from back in the '60s called The Byrds. Same kind of good lyrical writing and nice melodies and good vocal delivery. Sure these guys aren't doing anything groundbreaking but they're bringing back good harmonious music and singing back to the table. It's something that's been missing for a good long while. These guys definitely are not a flavor of the month sort of band. They play their own style of music and they are good at it. I definitely foresee this CD being in the player for a while.