Band Website:
Twin Method


Band Members:

Deen Dean -- guitars
Adam Carter-Potticary -- drums
Jason Carter-Potticary -- vocals
Matthew Carter-Potticary -- bass
Ioannis Lamberti -- vocals
Robin Carter-Potticary -- programming, vocals


01. ...And Yet Inside I'm Screaming
02. Flawless
03. Pedigree
04. Defeated
05. Stare Through Me
06. Twelve
07. The Abrasive
08. All Becomes Clear
09. Reality Check
10. Fake
11. Lost Signal
12. I Live, I Smile, I Obey

Very cool album. Great hooks, great guitar riffs, very melodic and memorable songs. The record is very catchy and has two vocalists. One does the melodic singing and the other does the aggressive stuff. Reminds me a lot of Linkin Park with Mudvayne vocals. Seems to get a little techno as well. Not bad.