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Band Members:

Infaustus -- vocals
Kraath -- guitar
Mysteriis -- drums
Funestus -- bass


01. The Limbo Of Insanity
02. Death Triumphant
03. With Veins Wide Open
04. Aeons Of Bloodlust
05. Relinquishment From The Unlighted Chambers
06. Hellstorms Over The Empyrean
07. Inhale The Embers
08. Devilry, Wickedness And Scorn
09. Curse Of The Manifest

I am a lover of black metal and this CD definitely kicks ass. The songwriting is definitely quite good. You can see some influences from other genres such as thrash and industrial. The vocals definitely stand out as well. Nice aggressive, brutal, icy cold stuff that sends ice through your veins. What I find interesting with this band is that they don't use any keyboards like a lot of bands do and the double bass drumming is just fucking grueling and amazing. This is not meant to be digestive. It's meant to kick you in your ass.