Band Website:
Shadows Fall


Band Members:

Brian Fair -- vocals
Jonathan Donais -- lead guitar
Matt Bachand -- guitar
Paul Romanko -- bass
Jason Bittner -- drums


01. The Path To Imminent Ruin
02. My Demise
03. Still I Rise
04. War
05. King Of Nothing
06. The Taste Of Fear
07. Embrace Annihilation
08. Picture Perfect
09. A Public Execution
10. Dead And Gone

This Massachusetts band parted ways with Atlantic Records and started their own label. The nice thing about that is you can do your own thing and put out what you want to put out without undue influence. These guys have put together an amazing record with every track on it being a winner. You can sit back and let this shit blast out of your speakers and enjoy every minute of it. Some of the tracks are aggressive and some will definitely appeal to mainstream listeners. Every member of this band is talented and when they get together, it's a powerful musical combination. Zeuss produced the record. Brian Fair can not only growl and gargle with the best of them but his actual singing abilities shine through as well. Fair is still exploring his innermost thoughts lyrically. This is definitely a great record with some top notch tunes on it. If you haven't owned a Shadowsfall record this would be a good one to get to explore the depths of the band.