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01. Take Your Time
02. Sideway
03. Talk To Me
04. Looking
05. Joey
06. Nothing Is End Today
07. I Can't Talk
08. What's My Home
09. The Time Which Doesn't Touch Me
10. Component
11. Big Dump Fish

This was an interesting record to listen to. It's got a nice variety of songs with a kind of dark mood to the music. There's a nice mixture of rocking tunes and slow ones. The record has a really nice electronic foundation to it. I really dug "Joey" because they incorporated violins into the song. The vocals are kind of interesting. Dark and moody and a bit melancholy but it fits the music perfectly. If you're looking for something a bit different, check this out. Ken Lewis mixed the record and has worked with Beastie Boys and Lenny Kravitz. Masi hails from Switzerland and is a very talented guitar player.