Band Website:
The Skies Of America


Band Members:

Rob Bonfiglio -- vocals, guitars, bass, piano, organ, percussion, wurlitzer
Ted Russell Kramp -- bass
Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. -- Moog, piano, B3
Mike Fisher -- cello, programming
Pete Burke -- drums, drum loops
Joey Waronker -- drum loops


01. Move
02. Fascination
03. She's The Kind Of Girl
04. Shine
05. Stay
06. You Belong
07. The Darkest Night
08. Come And Get It
09. Fly
10. Save The Day
11. Get Up, Get On
12. Here We Are

This is a new band formed by Rob Bonfiglio who was formerly in Wanderlust. He's also one of the first people signed to Sylvia Massy Shivy's record label. This band is definitely a rocking band that has a lot influences from 80's type bands but with a fresh contemporary sound to it. The choruses are catchy, there are great hooks and riffs, and it's really a memorable album.