Band Website:

Band Members:

Phil Mogg -- lead vocals
Pete Way -- bass
Paul Raymond -- keyboards, rhythm guitar, vocals
Vinnie Moore -- guitar
Jason Bonham -- drums, vocals


CD 1:
01. Mother Mary
02. When Daylight Goes To Town
03. Let It Roll
04. I'm A Loser
05. This Kids
06. The Wild One
07. Fighting Man
08. Only You Can Rock Me
09. Baby Blue
10. Mr. Freeze
CD 2:
01. Love To Love
02. Too Hot Too Handle
03. Lights Out
04. Rock Bottom
05. Doctor Doctor
06. Shoot Shoot

This is another excellent live album that has great production and showcases this band at its best. Vinnie Moore does an excellent job on these songs. They do all the classic tunes on here. Totally phenomenal and a must have for UFO fans. Make sure to pick up the DVD as well.