Band Website:
The Singhs


Band Members:

Miki Singh -- vocals, guitars
Peter Parcek -- lead guitars
Steve Scully -- drums, percussion, vocals
Marc Hickox -- bass
Brother Cleve -- keyboards


01. Supersaturated
02. Daddy's All Gone
03. Tina
04. Obliged
05. Jealous
06. The Dance
07. Still They Die Young
08. Late
09. The Kind Of Love
10. Invisible
11. Beautiful Thing
12. What Do You Want From Me

This CD has definitely grown on me. I really like the first track a lot because it has this funky groove to it. That is definitely my favorite song off this release. These guys blend a good mixture of pop, rock, and funky grooves with great harmonies and melodies. After a while you find yourself singing along with the tunes. The band is totally tight on this record and the vocals are very pleasant and melodious. It's quite obvious that they took a lot of time to craft really good lyrics and musicianship and they definitely sound like they enjoyed recording this. I will definitely have these songs in my iPod for quite some time to come. Great job.