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Band Members:

Joseph Duplantier -- vocals, guitar
Jean Michel Labadie -- bass
Christian Andreu -- guitar
Mario Duplantier -- drums


01. Ocean Planet
02. Backbone
03. From The Sky
04. Unicorn
05. Where Dragons Dwell
06. The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
07. Flying Whales
08. In The Wilderness
09. World To Come
10. From Mars To Sirius
11. Global Warming

I don't want to hear anymore shit about the French. They can be as fucking brutal as they come and these boys are with this release. This is heavy assed shit from a fine French death metal band. Their song structures are very complex and can sometimes be soft and other times damn brutal. The vocals are angry and savage over the brutal guitar riffs and heavy staccato drumming. The CD pounds at you for an hour and the lyrical content is definitely worth checking out. Buy this shit and be prepared to be brutalized French style.