Band Website:
Sixx: A.M.


Band Members:

Nikki Sixx -- bass
DJ Ashba -- lead guitar, rhythm guitar, drums, percussion
James Michael -- vocals, lead guitar, drum programming, keyboards


01. X-Mas In Hell
02. Van Nuys
03. Life Is Beautiful
04. Pray For Me
05. Tomorrow
06. Accidents Can Happen
07. Intermission
08. Dead Man's Ballet
09. Heart Failure
10. Girl With Golden Eyes
11. Courtesy Call
12. Permission
13. Life After Death

With a lineup like this, how can this be anything but fucking cool? I know a lot of people are going say "well, this doesn't sound like Motley Crue." It's not supposed to sound like Motley Crue. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, what a fucking awesome and well written record. It's very cohesive and the songwriting is phenomenal. Nikki Sixx is definitely a fantastic writer and with him at the helm you can only expect and get greatness. I guess the tortured soul has a way of a cathartic recovery in writing. The record basically is about his life as a rock star, the success he attained, and the drug addiction he fought for so long. I've never really understood why it is that people can be so successful and yet so self-destructive. I guess in a lot of ways I do not understand the fascination or lure of drugs. I've seen so much of that with other people and it's not pretty. Fortunately Nikki has recovered from all of that. All in all this is a great record and a reminder to us all of how easy it is to sink into an abyss of destruction and addiction. It's a powerful record. It's intense. You wonder how a guy who has it all, fame, fortune, women, success, and the whole fucking world at his feet can fuck it all up for a five minute high. It definitely makes you angry at Nikki for being so fucking stupid. It makes you breathe a sigh of relief when he kicks it and is clean. It puts you on an emotional rollercoaster. It's a record you have to buy.