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Band Members:

Jeremy Burgess -- guitars
Peter Stewart -- drums
Darren Pretty -- vocals
Kim Kranixfeld -- bass
Jason Beveridge -- guitars


01. Trust
02. White Flag Down
03. This Rage
04. Hate
05. Live The Lie
06. Silence

This was a cool fucking CD. The band hails from Adelaide, Australia and it was really cool to be able to review a band from the Down Under. Don't get a whole lot of that. The band basically incoporates modern day metal with rock and roll flavoring. Kind of reminds you of a mixture of Sabbath and Maiden. Really cool shit. The songs are very catchy and have a good vibe to them. There's also quite a bit of aggressiveness in the riffs. You've got two guitars, a pounding assed drummer, and great vocals. I really dug all the tunes and hopefully they will have a full length available soon.