Band Website:

Band Members:

Eric Wagner -- vocals
Bruce Franklin -- guitars
Rick Wartell -- guitars
Sean McAllister -- bass
Jeff Olson -- drums


CD 1:
01. Pray For The Dead
02. Fear No Evil
03. The Wish
04. Truth Is - What Is
05. Wickedness Of Mankind
06. Gideon
07. The Skull

CD 2 (DVD):
01. Bastards Will Pay
02. Fear No Evil
03. The Truth Is/What Is
04. Revelation (Life Or Death)
05. Psalm 9
06. The Last Judgment
07. Assassin
08. Pray For The Dead
09. Heart Full Of Soul
10. Endtime
11. Run To The Light
12. The Tempter
13. Wickedness Of Man
14. The Skull
15. Children Of The Grave
16. Tales Of Brave Ulysses

I was so thrilled to receive this CD in the mail. This was one of the best underground metal bands back in the '80s. It's remastered and sounds better than ever. And there's a bonus DVD of a show they did in Aurora, IL. To me that's a plus! Maybe not the best quality in the world but who's complaining? Everyone knows that I am not a Christian or even remotely interested in religion but this band is a band everyone can listen to and enjoy. They don't preach to you. They just sing about it and do it in a very interesting way. It's probably one of their most passionate records they ever did. It's very deep and dark and doomy. The whole atmosphere is practically gothic in nature and really enjoyable. For fans of early Black Sabbath make sure you pick this up.