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Band Members:
Chris Farrell -- bass
Lee Williams -- guitars
Tom Gidley -- drums
Bill Lutz -- vocals


01. Get Off
02. Said And Done
03. I'm Fallin'
04. Break Me Down
05. Leave It Alone
06. Don't Worry About Me
07. Those Shoes
08. Simple Life
09. Feelin' Strange
10. Who Do You Think I Am
11. Figure It Out

Here's a slab of good rock and roll out of Texas. From beginning to end this CD rocks you to the core and doesn't let up an inch. It's like these boys know what rock and roll is. It's a fist pumping, adrenaline surging, beer drinking good time. The disc is packed with good riffs, great chops, and strong vocals. It's definitely good solid rock and roll that packs a punch. My two favorites are definitely "Get Off" and "Leave It Alone". "Leave It Alone" is definitely a favorite with me because I like the melody a lot, the harmonious vocals, and I think the drumming on that tune is outstanding. I definitely recommend picking this up.