Band Website:
Slik Helvetika


Band Members:

Mikhall Myers -- vocals, guitar
Mark Bennett -- drums
Kurt Wagenseil -- bass
J. Lee Haven -- guitar


01. Fine Dining
02. Bastard
03. You & Me
04. Tehwas' Son
05. Crack The Sky
06. The Good Pope
07. Pain
08. Drizzle
09. Pray For The Future

I had the opportunity to review their self-titled release and I really enjoyed that CD so I was happy to see another one from these guys. This is old school '80s metal and being old school, I fucking digged on it. The music is solid with melodic vocals and catchy riffs. This is an EP of five songs with an interlude between each song and is really a fun listen. My favorite line is "You know I only dine on tasty fucking metal." Great fucking line. I love "Bastard" and "Pray For The Future". Definitely a good teaser for what's to come.