Band Website:
Spiders & Snakes


Band Members:
Doug E. Sex -- rhythm guitar
Timothy Jay -- drums
Leigh Lawson -- bass guitar, samples
Lizzie Grey -- vocals, lead guitar


01. London Daze
02. Nonstop Rock
03. Party In Hollywood
04. Radio Stars
05. Don't Know When To Stop
06. Public Enemy #1
07. Run, Run, Run
08. Elvis's TV
09. Rock And Roll Queen
10. 2000 Rock & Roll
11. Nobody Loves You Like I Do
12. Straight From The Heart
13. Dream Girl

Do you ever long for the days when guys used to wear pants that fit? Like tight around the ass? And do you ever long for the days when guys grew their hair down to their asses instead of shaving it all off and looking like they just escaped from San Quentin? Do you ever long for the days when they thought it was cool to look appealing to women and put out some raunchy, raucous rock & roll? Yeah, I do too and that is just what Spiders & Snakes deliver. Not only do they look rock and roll but they deliver rock and roll with a ferocious punch. Also included on this release is three songs that feature Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue fame when he was a part of London along with Lizzie Grey. If you're looking for some rock and roll with some punch reminiscent of the days when people sang about light hearted shit, look no further. Spiders & Snakes have what you want.