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Band Members:

Joey Tempest -- lead vocals
John Norum -- guitars
John Leven -- bass
Ian Haugland -- drums
Mic Michaeli -- keyboards


01. Secret Society
02. Always The Pretenders
03. Love Is Not The Enemy
04. Wish I Could Believe
05. Let The Children Play
06. Human After All
07. The Getaway Plan
08. A Mother's Son
09. Forever Traveling
10. Brave And Beautiful Soul
11. Devil Sings The Blues

It's amazing how a band can get better and better with age. I just absolutely loved this record. No filler material. This record is so current and fresh and edgy. I liked the vocals on this record. Definitely a lot different. You get layers of guitars and great work from the rhythm section. I love the solos. That's something you rarely hear anymore. There's one ballad on here called "A Mother's Son" and it's different from their usual fare. You definitely need to check this record out.