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Band Members:

Tom Angelripper -- vocals, bass
Grave Violater -- guitars
Christ Witchhunter -- drums


01. The Sin Of Sodom (bonus)
02. Blasphemer
03. Bloody Corpse (bonus)
04. Witching Metal
05. Sons Of Hell (bonus)
06. Burst Command 'Til War
07. Where Angels Die (bonus)
08. Sepulchral Voice
09. Hatred Of The Gods (bonus)
10. Ashes To Ashes (bonus)
11. Outbreak Of Evil
12. Defloration (bonus)

Here is something old and something new. This was originally released as a five song EP back in 1984 and it influenced a lot of upcoming thrash and eventually death metal bands. Apparently Tom Angelripper got together with the other boys who had originally recorded the record and they re-recorded it and added unreleased bonus tracks to it. The production on the record sounds like it was recorded way back when and the songs are pretty close to the original versions. Angelripper definitely sounds very menacing and downright evil at times. The unreleased tunes are a combinmation of black and thrash metal and the drumming on all of the songs really stands out. I think it's cool that they decided to rework this stuff and at the same time not make any overt changes to any of these songs. They definitely sound like they were released 20 years ago and I think it would be a shame to polish any of this stuff up or make it sound modern in any way. This is definitely a must have for any hardcore Sodom fan. This is a good insight into how this band first started out.