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Band Members:

Tom Angelripper -- bass, vocals
Bernemann -- guitar
Bobby Schottkowski -- drums


01. Blood On Your Lips
02. Wanted Dead
03. Buried In The Justice Ground
04. City Of God
05. Bibles And Guns
06. Axis Of Evil
07. Lords Of Depravity
08. No Captures
09. Lay Down The Law
10. Nothing To Regret
11. The Enemy Inside

This is one of the best thrash metal bands out there and they have put out yet another amazing album. Even though it took five years for this release to come out you always know that no matter how long it takes, Sodom won't disappoint their fans. They still have that classic Sodom sound but this time around they have a more modern production. The lyrical content is worthy of attention as Tom Angelripper writes very socially conscious lyrics that speak volumes. I definitely think that Sodom fans will not be disapponted.