Band Website:
Blessing The Hogs

Band Members:

Billy Anderson -- guitar, vocals
Matt Dunlap -- drums
John Sargentino -- guitar, vocals
Craig Mueller -- bass


01. Botched Messiah
02. Pretard
03. Let's Play Doctor...Kevorkian
04. That New Car Smell
05. 40 Drops Of Marrow
06. Hogleg
07. Chemical Equalizer
08. 18 Rabbit
09. Ghündt
10. Son Of Sanford
11. Fazer
12. The Carrier
13. Selficide

I work out at the gym four times a week and naturally I need some ass kicking tunes for a good workout so I brought this CD with me last night and these guys really whipped me into shape. You've got hard pounding guitar work, rapid fire drumming, and in your face vocals. If you're looking for an onslaught of pounding metal this baby is what you're looking for. I highly recommend checking out the song lyrics and song titles.