Band Website:
Solitude Aeturnus


Band Members:

John Perez -- guitars
Lyle Steadham -- bass
Robert Lowe -- vocals, keyboards
John Covington -- drums
Edgar Rivera -- guitars


01. Dawn Of Antiquity (A Return To Despair)
02. Opaque Divinity
03. Transcending Sentinels
04. Dream Of Immortality
05. Destiny Falls To Ruin
06. White Ship
07. Mirror Of Sorrow
08. Where Angels Dare To Thread
09. Opaque Divinity (demo)
10. Mirror Of Sorrow (demo)
11. Transcending Sentinels (demo)

If you want some enjoyable gloom and doom you should pick up this little gem. The guitars are a crashing crescendo backing up vocals that are almost operatic in nature. The songs have beautiful melodies even though there's an air of extreme melancholy about them. These guys apparently hail from my state of Texas and they kind of led the charge towards the symphonic sound you hear in a lot of black metal these days. The music is heavy and almost oppressive in nature and gives you a really eerie feeling. There's almost a spiritual feel on this album that's not quite wholesome. Definitely worth picking up.