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Band Members:
Adam Mastrosimone -- vocals, bass
Ted Matwijiw -- guitars, vocals
Mike SOS -- guitars, vocals
Travis Harrison -- drums, percussion
Brett Thompson -- drums, percussion


01. Walk Of Shame
02. Fear & Ferocity
03. Do You Want To Go Bowling...?
04. Daddy Like
05. Wasteland Temptress
06. Hypoxyphilia
07. Frames
08. The Bane Of Joe Smolinsky
09. Half Mast
10. The Thing Is...
11. Life Of Love And Peace And Harmony
12. Separation To Survive

I had the pleasure of reviewing A Guide To Better Living and it's nice to see that these New York boys are back with another musical offering. These guys like to fucking rock and that's exactly what they do with this latest offering. It's in your face rock and roll with a lot of style and finesse. The songs have a groove to them and the production is tight and clean. There is a nice variety of styles and it just kicks your ass which is what New Yorkers are best at. Definitely recommended.