Band Website:
Stars Of Track And Field


Band Members:

Jason Bell -- guitars
Kevin Calala -- guitar, keyboards, vocals
Daniel Baker Orvik -- programming, drums


01. Centuries
02. Movies Of Antarctica
03. With You
04. Lullaby For A G.I./Don't Close Your Eyes
05. Real Time
06. Arithmatik
07. U.S. Mile 5
08. Say Hello
09. Fantastic

I found the songs on this release to be pretty impressive. They start out kind of laid back and then kick you in the ass. The musical compositions on here have kind of an ethereal fear to them until the guitars kick in and the lyrics are pretty introspective. Sometimes electronic music can sound a bit weird and contrived but these guys have taken electronica and weaved it in with more traditional instruments for a really cool sound. The vocals have a certain melancholy to them and you can feel the emotions that the vocalist is going through. The songs are passionate and have a fire to them. You'll probably never hear this stuff on the radio so buy the CD.