Band Website:
Mystic Prophecy


Band Members:

Martin Albrecht -- bass
Martin Grimm -- guitars
Marcus Pohl -- guitars
Mathias Straub -- drums
R.D Liapakis -- vocals


01. Shadows Beyond My Soul
02. Master Of Sins
03. Evil Empires
04. Savage Souls
05. In The Darkness
06. Deception Of Hate
07. Sins And Sorrows
08. Best Days Of My Life
09. Nightmares Of Demons
10. Victim Of Fate
11. Into The Fire

This power metal band from Germany has put out a very solid record with blazing guitar riffs and powerful drums. Germans definitely love their metal and this band is no different. The record starts out on a strong note and ends on a strong note. You get pounded by song after song mainly by the double kick drums I think. The guitar work on here is ultra heavy and aids in the sonic assault. Don't look for any filler material on this record or any weak songs because there aren't any. The album is very aggressive and melodic and I think a lot of metal fans will like this release.