Band Website:
Anne Sofie Von Otter

Band Members:

Anne Sofie Von Otter -- vocals
Georg Wadenius -- guitar, keyboards & drums programming
Fredrik Jonsson -- acoustic bass
Svante Henryson -- acoustic bass
Fredrik Jonsson -- electric bass
Magnus Persson -- drums, percussion
Jorgen Stenberg -- vibraphone, marimba
Mikael Augustsson -- accordion
David Bjorkman -- violin
Roland Kress -- violin
Kalle Moraeus -- violin, banjo
Jakob Ruthberg -- viola
Anna Wallgren -- cello
Magnus Lindgren -- flute, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone
Lasse Englund -- Dobro guitar
Benny Andersson -- piano
Anders Eljas -- piano
Karl Jakobsson -- tuba
Par Grebacken -- clarinet


01. The Day Before You came
02. I Let The Music Speak
03. When All Is Said And Done
04. I Walk With You, Mama
05. The Winner Takes All
06. Butterfly Wings
07. Heaven Help My Heart
08. Ljusa Kvallar Om Varen
09. I Am Just A Girl
10. Ut Mot Ett Hav
11. After The Rain

This is a bit different from what we usually review. But hey, we're open minded here. This lady apparently is a huge fan of ABBA which I admit I do have their CDs and I think they put out some beautiful stuff. Anyway, she basically covers the songs that the two dudes in that band wrote and it's pretty nice. They're apparently acoustic versions of the songs and sound a bit different. It's really mellow stuff so if you're looking for some calming and soothing music this might work for you. This lady by the way is a well known opera singer.