Band Website:
Spheric Universe Experience


Band Members:

Fred Colombo -- keyboards
Vince Benaim -- guitar
John Drai -- bass
Frank Garcia -- vocals
Nico Muller -- drums


01. Sceptic
02. Being
03. The Inner Quest
04. Neptune's Revenge
05. Stormy Dome
06. World of Madness
07. End of Trauma
08. Heal My Pain
09. Questions
10. The Key
11. Black Materia

This CD definitely blew me away. I've been enjoying progressive metal more and more and this band is a fine representation of that. I think the one thing that really stands out is the dude on the keyboards. He really delivers but without drowning out everyone else. The production on this CD is definitely very good and everyone definitely shines. From beginning to end you know you're going to get a real treat. There are a couple of instrumentals on the record that are just fantastic and definitely don't need any lyrical input. I did find it cool that while the lyrics are mostly in English there are sentences in other languages that catch your attention. All in all thes songs are catchy and melodic and you don't really overdose on too much complexity even though the technicality is still there.