Band Website:
Sean Chambers

Band Members:

Sean Chambers -- guitars
Paul Broderick -- drums
Tim Blair -- bass
Ben Crider -- Hammond B-3


01. Return To Groove
02. Foolin'
03. Rock Me Baby
04. Tom Cat
05. Loneliness
06. Livin' Together (Ain't Always Easy)
07. I Still Love You
08. I'm Ready Now
09. Time Passes
10. Love Can Find A Way
11. Humble Spirits

When I opened the CD and put it in my player I was totally enchanted. When I saw a very familiar name I was captivated. I knew Bruce Waibel for a very short period of time and was fortunate to spend a few days out on the road with him and the Firehouse guys a few years back. He was a very sweet and humorous guy and I was very saddened when he died. The world lost not only a great guy but an excellent bassist as well and it's such a pleasure to hear him on this very excellent CD. The guitar and bass work on this CD is absolutely the best I've heard in a long time. It's some of the best blues and rock that I've heard in a long time. All the tunes on here rock and there are some very awesome players on this CD. I highly recommend people buy this release.