Band Website:
Tomasz Stanko


Band Members:

Tomasz Stanko -- trumpet
Marcin Wasilewski -- piano
Janusz Skowron -- synthesizer
Slawomir Kurkiewicz -- double bass
Michal Miskiewicz -- drums
Antymos Apostolis -- percussion
Tomasz Szukalski -- tenor saxophone
Wojciech Karolak -- orchestral arrangements


01. Freedom In August
02. Hope Song
03. Rising Ballad
04. Crash Song
05. Dee
06. Song Of The Sewers

Okay this doesn't necessarily fit the theme of the webzine but I have no problem with people opening my eyes to stuff I don't necessarily listen to and I thank Metal Mind Records for that. This is a fine jazz artist out of Poland and one thing I loved was the dual language CD cover. It's in Polish and English. This CD apparently was written to commemorate the 60th anniversary of of Warsaw being fought over. From what I've read he was commissioned by the Warsaw Rising Museum to write music for them to use for this purpose. The music is quite lush with an airy atmosphere and a whole lot of spirit. Apparently under dictators jazz was outlawed and when the dictators left office jazz could be played again freely. YOu get that sense of freedom with this release. The music is simply amazing and sensational. I will definitely listen to this CD a few more times and think about what this meant for Mr. Stanko.